envelope with email insideDigital communication, collaboration and participation looks at the way in which you interact with others. It focuses on how you work with people, join in and connect through digital means.

Some examples of the types of digital capabilities you might consider here are:

  • Communicating with others using a variety of different tools such as email, social media, photo sharing, presentations and video.
  • Respecting diversity when communicating with others, being careful to avoid offence
  • Design different communications for different purposes: to persuade, inform, entertain and support.
  • Work online with others on projects, to share files, work on documents and complete task lists.
  • Take part in an online meeting or discussion forum
  • Share the digital materials you have created with others

Some people may even be able to:

  • Build an online community
  • Manage your contact online
  • Understand how digital content and interactions can influence a person’s behaviour.