iPad with pen pot scissors, pencil and penDigital creation, problem solving and innovation is all about the skills, knowledge and understanding you have to design, create and produce a variety of digital materials (presentations, video, images, audio, websites). In addition, it is about how you are able to research, solve problems and generate new ideas using digital tools and techniques.

Some examples of the types of digital capabilities you might consider here are:

  • Design and create digital materials (presentations, video, images, audio, websites)
  • Make decisions and solve problems based on the digital evidence you have found
  • Collect information for research using digital tools such as online surveys, audio or video recordings
  • Use digital tools and services in new ways or to help make a process more efficient
  • Showcase the digital materials you create in an online portfolio
  • Share the approaches you have used to solve problems with others

Some people may even be able to:

  • Design and build digital games and apps
  • Interpret the findings of the research information you have collected
  • Help others get more familiar with digital tools and develop their digital capabilities