Aims of the lesson

  • Understand what Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is
  • Search for programmes
  • Create a playlist
  • Share playlists


What is BoB?

  • Box of Broadcasts is similar to BBC iPlayer, but covers all free to air UK and several foreign TV and radio stations
  • You can record programmes using a 60 day schedule
  • You can make clips of programmes
  • You can embed programmes
  • You can make playlists and share them


Signing in to BoB

  • Visit
  • Click Sign in
  • Enter derby into the institution box and click on University of Derby in the dropdown, click Go
  • Login with your university details


Creating a playlist

  • When you have logged in, click on Playlists tab
  • Click on New Playlist
  • Enter a name and description. Playlists are public by default. Click no to make your playlist private. Click save playlist.






Adding a program to a playlist 1 of 2

  • Record a program. Find out how to using these guides:
  • On the program’s play screen, click +Add to playlist
  • Type the name of the playlist you want to add the program to. As you enter letters, playlists appear. Click on the one you want.


Adding a program to a playlist 2 of 2

  • Click Add to playlist
  • View confirm message
  • The program is now available in the playlist on the playlist tab


Sharing a playlist

  • Make sure your playlist is public. You can editing the playlist settings.
  • Go to the playlist, and click and click Yes on available publically, then Save playlist.
  • To share the playlist, copy the link from the address bar.
  • It will look like this:
  • You can now send this in emails or on websites.


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