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Aims of the lesson

  • Understand how polling generally works
  • Understand the purposes and benefits of polling
  • Know how to create a poll and present it to the audience
  • Know how to view results
  • Know some of the free polling software available


What is polling?

  • Polling is the act of collecting opinions on a subject or topic.


Why are they important?

  • It can be used for revision purposes, to recap or reinforce what has been taught.
  • It can form the next steps to take based on the collected data.
  • The participants get engaged in a session.
  • It triggers discussions making a session lively.


How does it work?

  • The presenter prepares questions before a session and then presents them to the audience one by one and the participants choose their options using mobile devices e.g. smartphone, ipad, laptop, etc. NB: questions can also be created during the session.
  • Results are displayed at the end of each poll as charts.
  • Watch this video about how Poll Everywhere.
  • Watch this video about how Socrative.


  1. Create a free account for Poll Everywhere.
  2. If you already have an account Log in.
  3. Create a multiple choice question.
  4. Add a free text question.
  5. Locate the link to share with participants.
  6. Take the polls as a participant from at least 2 different devices.
  7. See result chart displayed.
  8. See how free text responses are displayed.


Test your knowledge

Take the quiz to test your knowledge



  • Polling is great for engagement and it will make your audience actively participate.
  • It is particularly useful to get feedback from large groups.


Further Help

  • You may find this article helpful as guidance on how to design polls.