• Video icon

    Resource: Creating videos with PowerPoint

    Did you know you can create videos using PowerPoint? This resource will talk you through how to can convert your presentations into videos and include animations as well to create visually dynamic content.

  • Digital Literacy Framework

    Resource: Health Education England Digital Literacy Framework

    Health Education England’s Digital Literacy Framework, based on the JISC framework, addresses the needs of staff working in the NHS, health and care.

  • Screen shot of Adobe Education Exchange

    Resources: Adobe Education Exchange

    Simply set up a free Adobe account to access a series of courses and workshops on a range of topics, including resources, lessons, materials and discussions how to use Adobe products (e.g. Photoshop) and teaching […]

  • Screen grab of digital eagles site

    Resources: Digital Confidence

    The Digital Eagles site provides resources which can help to with basic online and IT skills includes elements of safety, security, online banking, online shopping, setting up a community group and how to use Skype.

  • RESOURCE: A Copyright-Friendly Toolkit

    RESOURCE: A Copyright-Friendly Toolkit

     Information, data and media literacy “A true digital citizen understands how to ethically use the works of others to build his or her own creative products—music, art, video, stories, presentations–and share them with the world. […]

  • Copyright

    Resource: Staff Copyright Guide

    Information, Data and Media Literacy The Staff Copyright LibGuide from the University of Derby contains guidance on copyright issues that need to be considered for different types of material before you use any copyrighted third […]

  • Books

    RESOURCE: Referencing Software

    Information, Data and Media Literacy The Referencing Software LibGuide from the University of Derby provides an overview of reference management software. Keeping track of all of the articles, books and reports you use in your […]

  • RESOURCE: Image and Multimedia Collections

    RESOURCE: Image and Multimedia Collections

    Information, data and media Literacy. Creation, problem solving and innovation The Image and Multimedia Collections guide from the University of Derby, provides information on how to find a range of sources of images to use […]

  • Manchester Learning Statistics

    LESSON: Start to Finish – Statistics

    Information, Data and Media Literacy Do you need to analyse a set of data and produce some statistics? You do not need to be an expert to produce a statistical report. This resource from Manchester […]

  • 1 minute cpd, improve your digital skills one minute at a time

    RESOURCE: 1minute CPD on Media Literacy

    ICT Proficiency and Productivity, Digital Communication, Collaboration and participation, Digital Creation, problem solving and innovation, Identity and Wellbeing, Information, Data and Media Literacy, Learning and Development   The #1minuteCPD blog looks at providing bite sized […]