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Aims of the lesson

  • Understand the importance of using styles when creating documents
  • By able to apply styles to text
  • Know how to modify the style e.g. changing the font, text size, colour, spacing
  • Automatically create a contents page
  • Save your new style for future use


What are styles?

  • Styles are where a set of formatting options are automatically applied to text which you select.
  • It enables you to set the font, text size, spacing, colour and other formatting elements for different text elements within a document.
  • This is typically used to style the ‘Normal’ text (paragraph text) and any titles and headings quickly and consistently


Why are they important?

  • They can help you to save time when creating and editing your document, quickly applying formatting to the text.
  • Provides consistency of formatting throughout you document or across documents if you save it as a new style set.
  • Help to navigate around and reorganize a document using the navigation pane
  • Create an automatic contents page, rather than manually updating the headings and page numbers
  • Using styles can make a document more accessible helping people using assistive technology to understand the layout of a document.


How do I use them?



  • Try the following activity referring back to the earlier resources on the ‘How do you use them?’ page if you get stuck.
  1. Download the Practice document
  2. Apply the title style to the text ‘Using Styles in long documents’
  3. Apply the Heading 1 style to the text ‘Introduction’
  4. Apply the Heading 2 style to the text ‘Background’
  5. Apply more heading styles in the document
  6. Open the navigation page and move around the document using this and not scrolling
  7. Modify the normal style by changing the font to Arial and size 12
  8. Automatically create a contents page
  9. Save this as a new Style Set


Test your knowledge

Take the quiz to test your knowledge


  • Not all styles built into Word use an accessible font, text size and layout.
  • Try and ensure the style you use has the following as a minimum
  • Sans serif fonts (without the flared extensions) like Arial or Verdana
  • Text size of 12 and larger for headings
  • Text is aligned to the left, unless it is identified clearly as a heading
  • Spacing provides sufficient gaps between text to make it easier to read
  • Try running the accessibility checker to pick on any further issues



  • Using styles can make formatting documents quicker and easier. Not only do they help you to be consistent they can also assist you in creating a contents page and navigating through long documents.
  • They also help others who view your documents. Helping them to quickly navigate to the relevant parts and distinguish between different headings.


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